Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Night and Tid Bits of the Season.

Pretty much what happened this All Hallows Eve.
It was a great year!

Every year there is a skull pumpkin of some sort. I got to do this years.

Giant toothy grin Jack o lantern by Mom.

Maggs completed the Pirate Jack o lantern.

The yard all decked out and lit up.

Mom and Sebastian chillin'.

A few years ago Mom spilled some spider glitter onto the sidewalk and the kids LOVED it. So we do it every year now. Probably not very good for the environment, but it sure is pretty in the glow of Jack o lanterns.

This is the test makeup. Done a couple days before we really needed to dress up.

and here is the actual makeup on Mr. Jimmy and I at the event.
Really can't wait till next year.
We're planning something extra special.
Hope you had a great celebration too.