Saturday, August 18, 2012

Jelly Shot Test Kitchen Love

Just wanted to share the love with you. I came across The Jelly Shot Test Kitchen a while ago and just decided to try a couple of their recipes out this weekend. They have the most beautiful photography of their teeny jelly shots and they're all so delicious looking that it was hard to pick two. 

Here's a picture of our spectacular results.

I chose the Paloma cocktail (the yellow one with the grapefruit segment) and the Bramble (the purple one with the berry and mint). We loved the two layer Bramble and will make it again, but the Paloma with the grapefruit was a little tart for our tastes. We all made the most ridiculous sour faces ever and had a great time laughing at one another.
Be sure to go and visit these folks! I can't wait to try more.