Monday, November 28, 2016

The Birthday Shirt Burda 6874

Mr. Jimmy chose this fabric a while ago. Thought it was a fitting birthday shirt fabric.

Looks pretty swank from the back too!

We tried this pattern for the first time and I think it's our new favorite man beast shirt pattern!
We made view B.

The contrast fabric was odd cuts from decades ago. I think it was apron trimmings.

The inside collar, inside cuff, cuff band, under collar and pocket interior are all the mini floral.

Peek! I want to stay up all night and make more!!!

Mr. Jimmy's Birthday and the Traditional Meat Cake

Mr. Jimmy is another year older. We made him his favorite cake!
Meatloaf cake!!!
It's iced with mashed potatoes and the piping is done with ketchup.

Here are some bacon roses before the bake .

And after they were baked. They're beautiful, AND delicious!

I made him some bacon onion jam to go between the layers this year.
It was minced bacon, red onion, balsamic vinegar, honey and butter all stewed and cooked down into a really really yummy jammy meaty condiment.

I think he enjoys it!