Sunday, October 3, 2010

It Has Begun! Halloween Mask Prosthetic Build 2010!

Giving a rare sneak peak at this years Halloween costume build.
I usually keep this to myself until after the parties but this is going to be a good one and I had to share.

I have used the positive of Maggie's face. It's pretty close to mine in size and shape and I've never gotten around to making myself one.

I used dollar store "modeling clay" to make the prosthetic sculpt.

Then I covered the sculpt in a few layers of latex. I will add colour and structure next. This is just the first half of this years prosthetic. It will be in two pieces so it will be a working mask. I have promised not to reveal Mr. Jimmie's mask, but he is working on another amazing piece this year also. Maggs is working away on hers in the basement today with her boyfriend. I think this is his first experience with one of our Halloween's.
Should be interesting!