Friday, October 19, 2012

Halloween 2012 Costume Build Sneak Peek

Just thought I'd post a quick peek of this years costume build so far. 
I'm not going to post details yet or an explanation of what the heck this part of the costume is because the Birthoween party is this weekend. I don't want anyone to guess what we're going to do before the event.

 I drafted a couple of patterns for Mr. Jimmy and I. I almost always use a STAEDTLER Lumocolor in a contrasty colour to mark on fun fur. Chalk always rubs off before I get a chance to see it. Maybe I manhandle the fun fur too much..... I don't know. These permanent markers always work great. No smudging or fading. I can always see my marks and corrections clearly.

I transferred our measurements to a piece of post wrap and cut it out. Then I traced around it with the STAEDTLER Lumocolor in red. 

I cut around all the marks keeping the tip of the scissors under the pile of the fur so I had less mess. If you use the scissor tip on the fur side to part the fur as you cut the chance of you cutting away heaps of fur strands is less. You get a cleaner cut. I'll have to post a video of this so you can see what I'm babbling on about. It's hard to get my point across. I'll share more on cutting fun fur later.

I lined the bodice so I could turn the edges more easily and hide the raw edge of the fur...... and yes, those are shoulder snaps. I didn't want to fiddle with putting zippers into the fur. It's always messy and usually not very functional unless you add some sort of a gusset beside the zipper to keep the fur out.

I'll post more detailed steps and the finished pictures next week.
Can't wait till the weekend!!!
See you all soon!