Sunday, June 10, 2012

Some Spooky Set Building

I've been keeping myself busy these past few months with loads of new projects and ideas. Today I worked on something that's going to be a pretty fun project in itself. I can't show or tell you why I'm building this teeny spooky set yet.... but I can show you how I built it.

 I am sculpting stones for a floor from the surface of a three inch thick sheet of Styrofoam. I'm using a steak knife and several different exacto or art knives and scalpels. I'm trying to keep the stone shapes irregular.

Here I'm sculpting some brick shapes for a wall.

 I cut out a rough arch window and added a sill with some hot glue.

Here the floor and wall are stuck together using hot glue and dowel. I've also added some stones to the edge of the window.

 I used some Great Stuff insulating foam in a can to fill the gap between the floor and the wall and to build up a little seating area under the window. I'll be able to sculpt this foam out into different shapes later if I need to.

Here's a shot of the can just in case you were interested in it. I suggest covering everything up that is near your work station that you do not want foam on. Wear gloves and eye protection and work outside. This stuff is sticky!

I sprayed the foam with stone effects paint

I'm pleased with the results. This is all I can show you for now. I'll make sure I keep you posted on the results of the whole project when I can finally share it. I can't wait to finish and fast forward into the future so you can see everything....