Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Blue Glitter and Embossing Powder Meet Translucent Fimo

The Sweet Summer Blog Hop

Products used to make this project:

Jewelry findings, headpins, lobster claw, chain, jump-rings, 20 gauge wire, earring wires.......

Tools you need to reproduce this project:

Polymer clay rolling pin
Small circle cutters (mine are a 3/4 inch and a 1 inch)
Three in one pliers or... double round nose, flat and wire cutter pliers
Clay cutting blade
Parchment paper
Round tooth picks
Block of styrofoam
Soft round paintbrush
Plastic sandwich bag

Roll out the STAEDTLER fimo effect translucent clay to 1/4 inch thick and sprinkle the glitter and embossing powders onto the flattened clay sheet.

These glitters and embossing powders are gorgeous! I want to try them all mixed with my favorite STAEDTLER translucent clay.

Fold and re-roll the glitter into the clay over and over until it's dispersed throughout the clay evenly.

Sprinkle some Stampendous glass glitter onto the mixed glitter clay and re-roll and fold the clay again until you're happy with the mix.

Use the sandwich bag plastic to cover the mixed clay sheet and push the round clay cutter into the clay to make smooth edged rounded discs.

Sandwich wire between two of the smoothed mixed clay discs and seal the edge seams by gently smudging with your fingertips. The wire will make a hole for stringing the bead.

I sprinkled some glittery embossing powder onto one edge of each bead. I couldn't resist.

I rolled the extra clay into little balls and skewered onto a piece of wire. I baked all the beads in a preheated 230 degree oven for 20 minutes and allowed them to cool off before handling.

I removed the beads from the baking wire and put each bead onto the end of a toothpick and dipped them into the STAEDTLER gloss varnish.

I poked the other end of each toothpick into a large piece of styrofoam to dry. I came back after a few minutes and dabbed off the extra varnish drips.

After the beads are dry, load each onto a decorative head pin and make an eye using the three in one pliers.
Follow this tutorial if you need it.

These beads turned out spectacularly!
I love the STAEDTLER fimo effect translucent clay as a base for these glitters.

I added some chain to a couple ear hooks and linked some round beads evenly to these chains with jump rings to make some sweet dangle earrings.

I really love these beads!!!

I added a bead and a lobster claw to each end of a 20 inch length of silver coloured chain to make a necklace.

I hung the beads from the chain at even intervals. I started in the middle of the chain with the largest bead.

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