Sunday, March 16, 2014

And so..... It Begins!

Super excited to get started on some projects that have been in the planning stage for EVER!
There are more than 40 different designs in the works.

It's an ambitious few projects and I'm completely stoked about getting things up and running.
I've spent the weekend conditioning heaps of STAEDTLER Fimo Puppen. It's my go to clay for doll and puppet making and I'm so happy to have it in my hot little hands again. 

Here's the tutorial I posted for making these eyes. If you're feeling like playing along with us, you might want to craft up a few of your own.

I'll be sharing more about what's happening over the next few months.
I can tell you that I've finally given in to those of you who have been at me to sell my actual work, not just the instruction. And I can't wait to introduce you to our creations!