Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bunnie Mittens, Part Three. They're ALIVE!!!

Time to bring these bunnies to LIFE!

Some Things:

Large eye, sharp sewing needle
Thread to match fabric and or accents

Use your thread at least doubled for this next step. Thread up your sewing needle.
Match up the two layers we left open at the bottom of each mitten. Make sure side seams line up and pin them there if you need to. Whip stitch (Means sewing from the inside to the outside letting the thread wrap around the edges of the fabric) around the bottom of each mitten joining the two layers of fabric together.

Should look something like this when you are done. Knot it off well when your done.

Pin the ears where you like them. Experiment a bit. Placement of the ears can change your mitt's expression. Ears far back will look angry or afraid. Close up to the eyes will look silly. Play with the placement until it's just right.

Sew on the ears. whip stitch from the body fabric just behind the ear, up through the back layer of ear fabric. Continue across the back of the ear.

Flip the ear over and do the same thing on the front layer of ear fabric. Catching the fabric on the body then up through the front ear fabric. Continue across until you have it securely on.
Repeat this for the other ear.

Now the fun starts. Grab your button stash or some googlie eyes or pompoms, what ever you want to make a face with. Have fun with it.

Sew a nose on with doubled up thread. Try to just sew it on the top layer of fabric.

Do the same for the eyes. I like to make them crooked. It makes the mittens look confused.


All done. This little bunny is black fleece, and has google eyes. I made some with big fangs too. I'll post more pics of different designs as I have them.

I think I like 'em?


Courtney said...

They are AMAZING mittens!!! I love them. Thanks Kellie!! :)

Kellie Mowat said...

Courtney inspired this project. I met her at my BF's Christmas party. She had seen the dinosaur mittens I knit for him and said, "I'd KILL for bunny mittens!" That's when I decided to sew mittens rather than knit them. Sewing is faster for me.
Courtney received the pair I made for the blog as a reward for being so inspiring!
Thanks Courtney