Friday, March 8, 2013

Revisiting an Old Technique. Photo Transfer Portrait Dolls

These are some dolls I made and taught more than a decade ago. I used Lazertran transfer paper to put an image onto the unbaked STAEDTLER fimo clay and made these portrait dolls with the results.

This is my Grandma Maggie. 
I made this doll shortly after she died and I missed her (still do) terribly. 
She has been the angel for our Christmas tree almost every year since.
She's kind of a memento mori.
She offers little mental hugs when I'm feeling down.

She sits on a shelf in our living room the rest of the year. 
She's watching us and keeping us in check.
She would have NEVER worn a get up like this and I fully expect to pay for my transgressions when I see her again.
She has a full wire armature cotton wrapped body construction and is completely pose-able.

Here is the same thing done with a copyrite free postcard image.

I'm thinking it's time to remake this idea.


Marlene Brady said...

Oh what a beautiful tribute. She is so beautiful. I see the pearls of wisdom, her occasional ruffled edge, her elegant personality and her sweet, loving smile. Thank you for sharing.

Kellie Mowat said...

Thanks for seeing!
Her name was Margret Mitchell.
I could fill a whole blog with stories about her. She was spectacular. Funny how sometimes things help us hold on to the memories.