Monday, June 10, 2019

Loads of Fun

We've been keeping busy with loads of fun stuff. The Salon is so full amazing clients that I'm still unfortunately, having to turn new clients away. Always feel bad about saying no. We've still found time for some amazing projects and adventures so far this spring/summer. 

Finished these stripey socks for Beastie. Now we're working on a solid yellow pair. She loves yellow.

We made it to the ROM!!! Hope to go back with the squirt before summer is over.

We adventured with Merc in TO for a couple of days. We NEED to do this more!!! Took the train and public transit. No driving and it was amazing. Saw the fashion district, ROM, Kensington for Pho, sat for drinks in a roof top pub, ate at way too many great eateries and saw Sarah Millican at the winter gardens theatre.  

Been producing loads of projects for publication too. Always playing at making. 

New dress from the fabric we scored in the fashion district with Merc. I LOVE IT!!!!

We celebrated towel day in style. Beastie couldn't see the spaceship we were trying to hitch a ride on. It was all very perplexing. 

Got my retro nails on. Bright red with a neon pink over the top. So very bright.

Collected forget-me-nots from our garden and encapsulated them in UV gel for jewellery. 

Loads of walks and visits to the park to fly the kite and blow bubbles.

Working on more of my maker sleeve. Plan to have this sit just inside my left wrist. They are my scissors and my Mom's knitting needles. Sketch is sent off to my very talented tattoo artist for finishing and improvements. I think I'll have to get her to add colour to this one. 

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