Sunday, October 17, 2010

Putting on The Victorian Lady Raven (AKA: Old Crow!)

Posting the steps I took to turn myself into an Old Crow.

I'm adding some really Huge eyelashes here. They almost look like wings. Maggie had to help me put them on because they were so big I couldn't see anything until they were positioned correctly. I added some wispy lashes to the bottom lids too.

Loads of blue and purple and white and silver shadows. Paid attention to the highlighting and shadowy spots.

Here I am applying the lower beak with spirit gum. Always test this stuff on your skin before you wear it for a whole night....... even if you've worn it every Halloween for the last twenty years! I got a rash this year from it on the bridge of my nose.

Putting on the top beak. I applied the spirit gum to the inside of the prosthetic beak and repeatedly put the beak on and pulled it off until it stuck. You can tap the prosthetic gently with a fingertip over where it needs to stick also.

Mom said I needed to define the beak more with makeup. so I added some silver and black shadow to the edges of the beak where they meet my cheeks and chin.

Here I'm just trying to make everything even. Harder than you'd expect!

I thought I'de throw in a side view shot even though it's kind of blurry. Profile looks different than face on.

Here is a shot of Mr. Jimmy and I outside. We were loosing daylight and I rushed out for pictures before I got my beak shaded. But you can see the bustle and the corset doing their trick here. I also have black wings on that I purchased but didn't wear to the Fabulous Birthoween Bash! They were too big and I didn't want to be pushing folks around with them.

I'll post more pictures of the finished costumes as they become available.

*Edited to add incoming photos*

Thanks to a good friend with a good camera, we have a couple more clear pics of the finished Old Crow get up.

Here I am three quarters of the way through the evening. I was enjoying a tall cool glass of squid ink provided by Mr. Jimmy the Octopus.

A SUPER HUGE thanks to the guys for throwing such a fun packed evening. We're already planning for next year!


Anonymous said...

can you tell me where you got the beak...I cant find one anywhere! thanks Tara

Kellie Mowat said...

Tara I made the beak from scratch. It's VERY VERY easy!Here is the link to the first instruction post for the lady raven prosthetic.

Follow the prosthetics link in the side bar to find more detailed instructions here on Make It With Me. Let me know if you have any more questions. If you make your own, you know it's going to fit you.
Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Ok great, I have always bought my prosthetics, so Im not new to those, I LOVE them and learn more and more every year...Halloween is the most wonderful time of year. now I have never made my own so this would be a new thing to me, do you have a link on how to make the mold of your face to sculpture the clay beak? kind of a step by step procedure? ps..and if they had a school to go to around here for theatrical make up around here...I would be the first to sign in!!! I would love to show off some of my work on the net,but what you do is awesome talent!!! have fun this year I know I will!!!

Kellie Mowat said...

Thanks for the kind words Tara;
Halloween is our family's big holiday. We spend so much time together preparing costumes and decorations together, we're always so sad when it's over. It is so easy and fun to create your own prosthetics and there are literally thousands of instructional videos and website posts on the world wide interweb. We post our projects every year as clearly as we can and if we make new plaster replicas of ourselves I'll be sure to post the details.

I have tried to include step by step instructions in the following post for the making of the face positive. Hope it helps!

and Happy Haunting!!!!!!!!!