Sunday, September 23, 2012

Turning a Double Locked Head Pin

I've been swamped!!!
But I still found time to take some process shots of how I turn my double locked head pins.
I used up my STAEDTLER fimo beads I made here in this post.
Today's post will show you how to make the double locked eye pin loaded with beads. The next two posts will show how to complete the project.

 Supplies you will need to gather up for this project:

pre-made STAEDTLER fimo beads
some accent beads, I used Gutermann matte glass
three in one pliers (cutters, double round nose, flat)
an extra set of flat nose pliers
jump rings to match your turned eyes
lobster claw

Cut a 10cm piece of wire and straighten it with your fingers.
3cm from one end turn a 25degree bend.

Curl the wire up and over the top jaw of your double round nose pliers to create a loop. I held the wire about half way up the tapered tips of my pliers to create a medium sized ring. The pliers are graduated so you can create the loop size of your choice by holding the wire further up the pliers for a larger loop or near the tip for a smaller loop.

Remove the wire loop from the top jaw of the pliers and insert the bottom jaw of the pliers into the loop. Continue to bend the wire around the bottom jaw to create a complete loop that ends with the wire ends at a 45 degree angle.

Turn the shorter loose wire end around the longer wire base to make a tight spiral of wire turning around another straight wire. Keep the whole business tight.

Use another pair of flat pliers to finish turning the wire end completely if you need to.

Load some beads onto the head pin. Keep at least 3cm of wire free at the end of the beads to turn another locked eye.

1/2cm from the end of the beads, turn a 25 degree angle in the wire.

Continue to create a locked eye as before by curling the wire up around the top jaw of the double round nose pliers.

Insert the bottom jaw of the pliers into the newly created loop and continue to turn the wire loop ending with the wire ends at 45 degree angles to each other.

Turn the short loose end of wire around the wire body. Keep the wire body straight and the coil of the end wire tight. Trim off any extra wire if needed. Use extra set of flat nose pliers to tighten the coil and finish the eye.

Stay tuned for more installments to complete a piece of jewelry.
See you soon!


Unknown said...

Your nails in this one are awesome! Like the ones on the major runways this fall.

Kellie Mowat said...

Thanks Merc!
It's a retro style I think from the 20's - 40's. Rockabilly all the way!

Tartan Moo! said...

Thank you so much.....I really struggle getting my wire to look neat and to be correctly aligned. This has shown me how to do it properly!