Thursday, September 27, 2012

Necklace Building 101

Here's the final part of this three part tutorial.
Part one is here... Turning a Double Locked Eye Pin
Part two is here...  Curled End, Locked Head Pin

Here are some pictures of how I put it all together.

I chose jump rings that were roughly the same size as the loops in the eye pins we turned. I simply joined each loaded eye pin with a jump ring between. My necklace has fifteen loaded eye pins that are about two and a half cm each.

Make sure the jump rings are closed tight.

On one end of the joined eye pin chain I added ten jump rings. I loaded a dangle, or a loaded turned head pin to the last jump ring. All these jump rings give me some length choice when I'm wearing the piece. I can connect the lobster claw into any one of these jump rings. The dangle makes it easier to find the join on the necklace to undo it and it's pretty on the back of your neck.

On the other end of the piece I loaded a single jump ring and a lobster claw.

Here's a pic of how the connections work.
Hope you try this!

I love making STAEDTLER fimo beads and have heaps of them. This is my favorite way to use them up.
Happy crafting!

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