Friday, January 14, 2011

Polymer Cafe Magazine for February is On the Shelves Now!

Here is a sneak peak of what you can find on pages 28 through 31 in this February's issue of
Polymer Cafe Magazine.

I'm really excited about this technique, It is making it so much easier to deal with teeny sculpted flowers. I am using my nail techniques with the polymer clay.... so

what I've been doing with acrylic liquid and powder on my nails.....

we can now do with polymer clay!!!

Like this!

Or like this!
This is the same technique I did for
Polymer Cafe Magazine,
but done in colour instead of metal tone.

Get your copy of Polymer Cafe quick!!!
and let me know how it works for you and your projects.
I love the feedback it makes me a better teacher.

Gisele of

Made my Singing Angel From the Christmas issue of Polymer Cafe and set me this fabulous pic of her piece sitting on the magazine shot of my piece. Looks like they're old friends having a chat and a giggle.

Thanks so much Gisele.
Was great to meet minds with you.

1 comment:

gisele said...

OMG! I "thank you" sooo much. They do look good together!! lol I just LOVED making it!!! It was quite a challenge, but well worth it. I am hoping to do more in the near future.

Running out to buy the new magazine. Looking forwards to seeing more polymer clay from you.

Thanks again,