Friday, January 14, 2011

BEADS!!!!!! Five Sisters Purchase. YUMM

A little while back I ordered a small bunch of beads from
Five Sisters.

It was a teeny purchase but I was treated like a queen.
Fast and inexpensive shipping, and...

Here is what I got.

I tucked my hand in so you could see the size of some of these pretties.
Maggs and I are already wrestling over who gets what.
I'd better get a second order in soon.
I'm pretty sure Maggs can take me.

I tossed together a quick pair of sky blue drop earrings because I couldn't bare to not have them with me all the time. I needed the spring time cheeriness of the blue to inspire me for the commission I'm working on this weekend.
It's going to be fabulous, I can already feel it.

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