Tuesday, January 11, 2011

UV Gel Eye Test Piece

Here is the test eye I made from the UV gel .
I think I like the other one better. This eye seemed to grab hold of the paint and not let go. It got cloudy after baking also. I like the technique but like the polyclay technique better.

Same as before, I made an indent using a pencil to accept the eye.

Here is the eye in the clay.

Some lid worms are added.

Lid worms are smoothed with knitting needle then smooth flat paintbrush. I also added an eye pin so I could add some dangles later. I baked the piece at 250 for ten minutes.

Some Genesis colour is added. then the piece is baked again for five minutes.

I added more detailed paint but pretty much know at this point that this technique for eye making isn't going to work as well as the other. I baked it again for another five minutes to set the pigment.

I decided to frame the piece in bugle beads.

I added an amber dangle.

and as always a bow.

Here is the finished piece.

1 comment:

SA said...

Tres cool.. It looks like an eye from a dead person with that opacity to it. Love it :o)