Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lost Project Vintage Ribbon Rose

Things I've done today:

made a huge dent in the couch with my butt
made a little cloud of dead skin cells
made a mess in the kitchen
(home made potato soup om nom nom)
made this blog!
Found an old instruction folder I made forever ago but never did anything with.
Here are the instructions

Some things:

a few yards of flower coloured ribbon at least 1 1/2 inches wide (satin or velvet doesn't matter)
fabric tac to glue the rough ends up so they don't fray
matching thread
hand sewing needle

Cut a piece of flower coloured ribbon about 8 inches long and glue the ends together so the rough edges are well hidden. Let it dry a bit.

Thread the sewing needle with matching thread (I used contrasting so you could see what I was up to) Sew 1/4 inch stitches all the way around one edge. Stop where you began but don't knot it off.

Gather the stitches by pulling the thread until the opening in the middle of the flower is about 1 inch wide. Knot it to secure the stitches.

Cut another matching piece of ribbon (or contrasting, what the heck, lets experiment) about four inches long. Glue up the ends so the rough edges don't show. Let it dry a bit.

Gather both sides of the ribbon until it's only 1 1/2 inches long. Knot the ends to secure.

The little gathered piece should just fit onto the hole in the flower middle.

Glue or hand stitch the middle of the flower over the opening.

Cut a piece of green leaf coloured ribbon about 6 inches long. Fold so the ends meet right sides together and gather up one side. You will be catching both layers of ribbon when you gather creating a seam that is gathered. Pull the gathering stitches until they are about 1 1/2 inches long.

Unfold the ribbon, it should look kind of like a leaf.

Glue or hand stitch the leaves to the bottom of the flower.

I added an extra layer of flower around the outside to make the flower fuller looking. Make it the same as the first step but don't gather it quite as much.

Add the flower to a pin back or a hair clip or a shoe or belt and enjoy.

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