Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Shrinky Dink Rings

Inspiration for this project from

June Gilbank's blog

Some things you'll need:

Shrink film (should be available where you buy craft stuff)
permanent marker (I used black)
stamps (smallish designs work best)
scissors (can use an exacto knife)
A ring sized cylander of some kind (I used a magic marker)
oven mitts

Cut strips of the shrink film about 6 inches by 1 inch. The measurement will change depending on the shrinking capacity of your particular shrink film. Might have to experiment with the dimensions a bit.

Use the permanent marker to colour in the stamp face. Work quickly before the ink dries and stamp the image onto the shrink film strip. If the ink dries out you can huff some of your breath onto the inked stamp to re wet the ink.

I used the edge of the shrink film as a guide for the marker and drew a thin line around the strip. Thought it looked more finished with an edge.

Bake the shrink it according to the package instructions, mine baked at 260 until it shrunk up. It will curl up and look like it ruined for a bit until it flattens back out. If some parts get stuck together in the baking process and don't uncurl by themselves, I use chopsticks to unstick them and continue to bake them until they have flattened out.

Quickly take the flattened rings out of the oven and wrap them around something ring sized. I used a magic marker, but a wooden spoon handle or piece of dowel would work just as well. Be carefull touching the hot shrink film..... It's pretty HOT. Might be adviseable to try to do this wearing oven mitts. Don't burn yourself!

The finished rings. Yeay!!!
So much fun and sooooooo easy!

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Sarah said...

I love this! I cannot wait to try it!