Friday, November 1, 2013

Santa's Cap

Here's another clothing pattern for our STAEDTLER Fimo Puppen Retro Santa featured in the December 2013 issue of PolymerCafe magazine. You can find the rest of the patterns by following the link in the sidebar.

Measuring for Santa's cap is the easiest pattern to draft. I simply measured around his head where I wanted the hat to sit and added a 1/8th inch seam allowance to each end. Then I figured out how long I wanted the hat to be from the tip of the tassel to the hat band and I added 1/8th in seam allowance to each side of this also. 

I made a triangle that had the same measurements as my Santa. I also cut a micro fun fur band that was 1/2 inch wide and the same length as around my Santa's head.

I sewed up the back of the hat seam and then added the band to the bottom edge of the cap.

After I sewed the band to the hat I turned the edge and slip stitched the inside of the band over the messy seam to hide it.

The last step is to make the pomp pom for the tip of the hat. You could totally use a mini pomp pom for this. I wanted mine to match exactly, so I used the micro fur to make two wee squares and sewed them together up three sides. 

Then I Turned it right side out and stitched it to the tip of the hat.

I turned the hat right side out and ran a gathering stitch up the back seam of the hat to shape it to Santa's head. This gathering will help the hat curl around Santa's head a bit and it will stay on much better than if you'd just left it straight.

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