Thursday, April 26, 2012

Spring Planting Begins

 I think it's still pretty early to be planting things unprotected outside yet. Folks around here usually wait until May 24 weekend to avoid frost damage on new sprouts. 

We couldn't help ourselves and we started our seedlings early this year. 

They're doing well with a weeks worth of good growth. Just the radishes are getting a bit leggy.

Here's a cluster of basil seedlings. We'll have to separate some of the bigger guys this weekend and give them more room in another temporary bed. For now they'll live in the dining room in a big sunny window.

Had to show you this image I found on the inside flap of a product case at work. 
It warns us not to stab the parcel vigorously with a sharp dagger like knife........
I thought I was opening those parcels wrong.....

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