Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Butterick 6048.... Smurf Jammies

I found a  duvet cover at the thrift shop last May and I thought it was about time I used it. I also used one on my fabulous new to me vintage patterns gifted to me a while back. Here's what I came up with using Butterick 6048 view E and some smurfy goodness.

I made my standard house dress pocket with the elasticated top. Here is a closer look at the basic shape and how I place them if you're interested. I kind of love these pockets more because they have Smufette cooking up a domestic storm and receiving a beautiful flower as a reward. She's such a temptress.

It's a great pattern. Easy to follow and quick to sew.

The front of the jammies are plain but fitted.......a little low cut....... but they're jammies, right? Built for comfort not so much modesty.

The back bodice buttons up nicely. I used some second hand buttons from a button box I inherited from someplace. Now I just need a matching housecoat fabric.......

Nighty Night!

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Oh I love it!!!