Sunday, January 1, 2012

Spotty Nail Fill Tutorial With Fimo Canes

Happy New Year!!!

I have been working away on adding some new videos to my youtube page. I'll be sharing them as I load them. Here, as requested, is a video tutorial on how I do quick decorative fills using STAEDTLER Fimo nail canes. It also shows how I made the actual cane!

Hope this answers some of your questions.

These are very simple little canes. Very fast to produce and they can be made in any colour or many more or less layers than I have used here.

I'm a huge sucker for Turkish evil eyes. Can you tell?

I really enjoy these fast fills. I don't always have the time to commit to changing out my nail art completely. This technique gets another couple weeks from a set of nails just by covering the grown out smile line with some Fimo cane slices. Creating your own slices is quick and easy and gives you way more colour choice than purchasing pre-made slices.

Here is a link to the full video.


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