Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Gift of Canadian Sewing

There was a ring at the back door bell today after I got home from work and it was an unexpected smiling face. Mrs. Taylor a former neighbour lady and fellow sewist of crazy husband shirts was standing there in the snow with bags and a bags of these fantastic retro sewing patterns. And the best part is most of them are actually my size!!!!

Some are maternity patterns but hey..... if they're adorable I'm sure I can alter the maternity out of them.

These next few patterns were the gems of the parcels. They all came in plain brown paper envelopes and seem to have been ordered from local news papers fashion departments.


Seriously cute!!

That bow and those pleats!!!

I don't think I'm going to be able to contain myself!!!!

Look away..... the use of exclamation points has gotten completely out of hand!!!!!


I do believe this will help me commit to my summer sewing program. I'm going to clean out the garage and set up a summer season sewing studio. Hope to have a few different work stations going at once. Friends will be stopping by with projects of their own and sharing their work also.

Come on summer!!!


Unknown said...

Some of those patterns looked really nice! Did you end up with that Summer Sewing Center in the garage like you wanted?

Kellie Mowat said...

It ended up being an unbelievably busy summer for all of us. Couldn't seem to peg down a time for everyone to show. The garage was tidied and ready for seamstresses however. Maybe this summer will be more fruitful.