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Sunday, October 4, 2015


Well hello there!
I've been MIA lately. Very busy with design work and Grandma duties. There are many projects in the works for publication that I'll be able to share very soon. In the meantime, We shot out to a friend's pumpkin farm yesterday (despite the freezing, rainy, windy weather) and had a BLAST collecting our pumpkins.

Lily really enjoyed herself.

She wanted to take them all home!

The straw maze was pretty cool. Lily just turned one and has been run/walking for about a month now. She had a bit of a hard time standing up because the wind was so strong, but she managed to "drunken sailor walk" around the maze for awhile.

I think she may be a Halloweenie like the rest of us....

Happy October folks!

Monday, September 14, 2015


My first time in AGES making pickles. I think it went pretty well...

I didn't realize how many baby cucumbers are actually in a bushel.... 
As a result.... 
I have about a three year supply of pickles now.
Wonder if pickles are an acceptable stocking stuffer?

Wednesday, September 9, 2015


It's that time of year again!
I love this time the best of all. The weather calms down to a gentler cool. The food is so much more comfortable too. Baking starts again after the bbq  and salads of summer. We were gifted some beautiful organic pears again this year. I think they may be one of my favorite fall harvests.

We made some delicious pear and caramel pie. I cut up the Werther's chewy caramels and added them right on into my regular pear pie recipe. Sooooo delicious!

We even had enough to can a few. We added cardamom pods and star anise. That should be good and warming in the winter months. Maybe over some vanilla pudding cake.

Good thing Lily's grown some chompers so she can have some fall baking too!

Monday, August 31, 2015


SWEET SUMMER GIVEAWAY Winners are...........

We decided since there were only six contestants this year.....

That they would ALL WIN!!!


Emily C
Vic Wilson

Please go to my contact page and email me your mailing details so I can get these fantastic kits out to you asap!!!


Can't wait to see what you all come up with!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

STAEDTLER Lily Fairy Doll Make

I made up a Lily Fairy doll so I could send the instructions out to the contest winners, but decided to post them here so you could all see how easy (and fun) it is to create a doll using this fantastic STAEDTLER mold.

I changed the feet included in the mold because I wanted my doll to have curled, striped stockings on.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Sweet Summer Giveaway!

We've been very excited to announce this special summer giveaway!

of our blog followers will each receive a Lily Fairy kit containing....

12 half blocks of various STAEDTLER Fimo flesh tones.....

Contest rules and regulations:


To win, you must follow this blog
You must leave a comment on this post.
You must live on the planet earth.

Contest winners will be drawn on August 30th 2015.
Draw will be announced on Monday Aug 31st, 2015.
You've all got another day to follow and comment!!!

Good luck!!!

A HUGE thank you to STAEDTLER for sharing these kits!!

Now, join and comment!!!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Bedroom Floor Posies

We are forever renovating the house. With all the family changes going on around here the rooms are constantly changing functions. After 15 or so years, Mom has flown the coop and is enjoying her own space in her own flat. That left her upstairs room vacant. We have been slowly decorating and changing the space to meet our needs as a master bedroom. We've painted the once chocolate brown walls to a warm cream, we've primed the floor and added a decorative one stroke rose and leaf pattern with some beautiful paint (Thank you cousin Lindsay!!!)

Here is a closer look at the floor design. It was hard to stop making these rose sprays. I kept wanting to add more clusters and it very easily could have ended up like a bad hair cut. Adding more clusters closer together around the room until there was no more open space..... I stopped while I still wanted to add more. I think there are just enough now.....

Here's a shot of Lily on the floor to give you a spacing idea. (and to show you how cute Lily is playing on the new floor!)

We've added two coats of water based semigloss varnish and some trim to finish the room off. The varnish yellowed the floor a bit and thicker areas of varnish went almost caramel, but I really like the aged look it gave the room.

We got these gorgeous paints from The Painted Peacock in London Ontario. They are made by a company  called Homestead House Paint Co.... Fusion paint is the perfect choice for finishing furniture with almost no prep work and a built in top coat, but I fell in LOVE with the colours. I knew they would work well with a one stroke rose and leaf for the bedroom floor. We wanted something that looked like it had been in the house for years. We didn't want anything too bright or new looking.

Here are some of the colours available. They also offer a line of furniture finishing and re-finishing courses that are extremely economical and informative. Please do stop by The Painted Peacock at the London Market and say Hello from us!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Painting the House

We've had our hands full lately with work and grand baby and minor decorating. I got my hands on some gorgeous paint made by a manufacturer in Toronto. (Thank you cousin Lindsay!) More on the paint later.

There will be so many more posts coming. Some posts about renovating, some about new publications, still more exciting posts about a fantastic giveaway.... Been planning this giveaway for weeks! You're going to LOVE it!!!

It's Canada Day! We celebrated by having some delicious red and white pancakes. Love it when our local strawberries are ready! 

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Enjoying Summer

We've been busy...

Picking flowers...

and making bread...

and building backyard sheet forts...

and hunting dinosaurs.

Hope you're all having a time too!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Lilac Cake

We are totally making use of our giant lilac this year! We've had blooms around the house and shared some with Mom. Then we decided to make a cake with the last of the gorgeous flowers.

I lade a simple white cake and made a plain sugar and butter icing.

I added a handful of fresh blooms with all the green pulled off to the batter.

They looked so pretty in there!

I added some orange blossom water to the icing too. made the cake even more flowery. I think next time I'll try using my no icing sugar icing. This butter icing was way too sweet.

Lily enjoyed the lilacs this year too!

So very purple!