Friday, July 14, 2017

Pre-Opening Salon Tour

Here is a wee bit of a Salon tour. We're not open yet.... Close.... But not quite yet.

How we managed.....

This is our front entry way. We've knocked out the front hall closet and the closet in the front bedroom. They were back to back. That way we can use the closet doors as entry doors. Way less construction and demo than if we'd bashed in a wall.

I went to the local hardware store and had them cut me thick MDF sheets for the desktop. 
They even routed the appropriate edges for me!
For the base, we purchased some cubbies from Canadian tire. They were a bit short, so I added legs from the hardware store and painted them the same colour that I will paint the top.

I secured to top to both the wall and the cubbies and painted it with cupboard and cabinet paint.

I plopped two more larger sets of cubbies on top of the desk to be my storage and display. I added a painted vintage lamp to match and set up my station!
The chairs pictured here are temporary. You can see the new ones in the video. Mom sent me my new teal work chair and we found the floral client chair at Homesense.

My first client.... Well, she wanted some polish flowers....

I made my own fabric pattern out of a quilt I'm making for Beastie from some of Grandpa Jimmy's clothes and her own. I produced a repeatable pattern from a scan of the quilt top and sent it in to Spoonflower. I used Picmonkey and tips from the Spoonflower website to make the pattern. They printed me three yards and sent it along asap.
We also put some sunglasses on the window. We got some UV blocking window cling from the hardware store and slapped it on there. Almost can't even tell it's there. It's a bit tinted is all.

This is the workspace to my immediate right. It has all my brushes, stylus tools, drill, cleansers, wipes and anything else I could possibly need to manicure a client or create a set of nails. Everything in easy reach. All tools found on my right have already been sterilized and cleaned or are brand new. As tools are used they are put in a sealed bin to my left and out of the way. They will be cleaned and sterilized immediate after service. I'm planning on only having two clients a day. We'll let you know how that pans out later.....

Filled the cubbies up with the gel colour from Nail Innovationz
I painted some nail wheels and numbered everything so clients could choose their colour with ease.

Best Nail Tech support and product quality out there! 
I do love me my NI Nail Nerdz!

STAEDTLER acrylic paint is going to be featured in my detail art. The tiny tubes are perfect in the salon.

I did a post on the nail polish shelves. These are really perfect. They're low profile so I never bump into them. But they're just big enough to securely hold the polish bottles. 

I was just going to feature one brand of polish, but it looked so lonely up there that I decided to not be picky about bottle shape and put the whole collection up.

The shelves look fantastic and they're functional.

We managed to keep our sense of humour during the process too!
I've definitely got the BEST support team EVER!!! Mr. Jimmy is, as always, my rock. He has so much confidence in me that I can't help but believe that things will always work out. My Mom and girls were also troupers throughout the process by both being my guinea pigs and listening to my worries. I can't even begin to thank you all for your unending support.

Well, here's the space, almost done.
Hope this gives you hope or inspiration to work on your spaces and make them be what you need them to be.

Always remember that there is a way.
Never give up on yourself.
You can do it!!!

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