Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Making Gnocchi.....

When my girls were wee, I taught them how to make home made gnocchi. Maggie couldn't say it so we all still pronounce it "yucky". I haven't made it for years and forgot how much fun it is to make.....

We decided that it was time for Beastie to learn how to make her own Yucky. She made a few with me. Rolling a one inch hunk of potato dough up the back of a fork to make channels for the sauce to grab onto.

She was soon distracted by the making of potato dough hedgehogs that were dunked into the soapy dishwater...

Here she is laughing hysterically at her dunked hedgehogs..... Oh, the mind of a toddler. 

Our recipe is easy peasy!

One cup of mashed potato
Two cups of flour
One largish egg (or two small ones)
Cold water to make everything a dough

Mix it all together and add just enough cold water to make a dough.
Don't overwork the dough. If you do, let it rest before you try to roll it out.
Cut the dough into palm sized hunks and roll them into worm shapes.
Sprinkle flour over your counter and hands so the dough doesn't stick.
Cut all the worms into one inch hunks and roll them up the back of a fork.
Let them dry out a bit on a flour sprinkled bit of parchment.
Simmer them until they float
Slather in your favorite sauce.
We had pea, bacon and butter.

Little pillows of potato-ey joy.

Om nom nom.....
Betcha can't have just one!

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