Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Using Gel Extensions to Regrow Bitten Nails

I get asked sooooo many questions about whether or not gel (or acrylic) nail application will harm your natural nails. I'm pretty excited to be able to show you some amazing results.

My model is a nail biter and always has been. She tried really really hard for a couple of weeks to not bite. She always made sure her nail polish was fresh and pretty. A huge trigger for most biters is peeling polish. (If I just chew off this little torn edge the rest of the polish will look better!)

These are her nails after two weeks of diligent polish application and almost no biting. 
(Proud of her!)

We applied some tiny little almond tips using gels to extend her natural nails.

We waited six weeks!

These are her own natural nails after six weeks and a very gentle gel removal. Removing the extensions should take time! Do not go anywhere that makes you feel they are rushing to get them off. Every time you have gels or acrylic nails removed, your natural nails should be pretty underneath. 

Being exposed to the air is what makes your natural nails strong and hard. When you have your hands in water for a long time, it softens your nails. Exposure to the air hardens them back up. It's the same when you remove the gel coating. Your nails will be a little bit soft until they have a chance to harden back up.

 I've freshened her nails up with a quick mani and a very thin top coat of clear gel to protect them. 

Hope that helped clear some questions up for you.
Remember, getting your nails done (or having extensions removed) should be a treat. You should ALWAYS feel pampered and cared for. Don't settle for less!

In other news...
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