Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Some Hexagon Quilting and a Snowman

Thought it was about time to start using up all the little bits of fabric left over from all of our Christmas projects. Decided that a quilt may be in order. I have vague memories of how to put one together from when the kids were young..... I think I made one up twenty years ago or so? How hard could it be..... I mean really?

I'm lucky that the colours seem to be co-coordinating nicely.

Well..... I'm trying here people.....
The corners don't exactly line up, but the piece lays flat. I'm sure it'll be awesome when I get it finished.

We ran out of carrots...

I leave for the day job sometimes quite early. I've been enjoying the crisp quiet mornings we've had lately. I wouldn't give up our beautiful winters for anything. Love the crunchy footsteps and the clean smell of a new snowfall. I highly recommend it.

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