Sunday, January 1, 2017

Christmas Sewing For Lily

 Hello There!
We've had an excellent Christmas here at our house. We were missing our oldest and my brother. We didn't get to visit with Mom and Pop Corner or the brother in laws either. 
It was very quiet this year. 
We decided in mid November that we should make all the gifts this year.....
If I ever utter that idea in any of your presences again in any month after July...... Just slap me!!!

We made the Baby Beastie soooooo many things!
This is her Super Beastie costume, made from pink lame....

She got a 1950's mini apron.

Foxy Jammies and slippers... 

(They match her Mom's baby doll jammies)

Sweet little mouse jammies and Monkey slippers.

A gnome jumper and silver dot blouse.

Reversible jacket.

So toastie warm!

Grandpa Jimmie's very first Christmas Make!
Lily's Weeee Stove!!!
She LOVED it!
Wouldn't open anything else after she opened this and had to make us all some "food"!

Hope you all had the Christmas that you wished for.
Looking forward to a bright and shiny new year with HEAPS of new adventures!

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