Saturday, September 10, 2016

Lily Makes, with STAEDTER Fimo Kids

Lily had a Grandma and Nammy playdate today!

Lily sat on THREE cookbooks so she could reach the table to craft things up.

Lily mixed the clay colours and rolled them into a sheet. (We might have helped a little bit)

She really enjoys mixing colours. She had this deep look of concentration on her face the whole time she was working. (Ignore the baby mess in the background. It was a fantastic day!)

She made some thumbprint hearts. I pushed clay into a tiny heart mold and then helped Lily gently push her thumb onto each one.

After Lily rolled out the clay, Nammy and I used small circle cutters to cut out cool colour combinations. Then we pushed a few different sized circles together in a gentle arch. These will be bib style necklaces after they're varnished.

I think these are my favorite pieces. I'll drill holes for the jump-rings and hang them from chains for necklaces or glue earring blanks onto the back for button earrings. A big thank you to STAEDTLER for making this amazing STAEDTLER Fimo Kids clay. It's definitely Lily approved! 

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