Sunday, February 14, 2016

Embedded Fimo Rose Nails

I'm so in LOVE with my new mini STAEDTLER Fimo rose nails!
I wanted to share them with all of you for Valentine's Day. They would be awesome wedding nails. Or spring nails, or summer nails..... Or you could make little red roses and have darker green foliage and make Christmas nails!!!

I kept them short and almond shape. 

I used white stiletto tips as a base. I prepped my nails and cleaned them. Then I buffed them up and glued on the tips.

I cut the tips back about two thirds and rounded off the ends to make an almond shape. 

I based the nails in a coat of builder gel and sat a rose on the smile line of each french tip before curing in the UV lamp.

I floated gel around and over each nail embedding the roses. I made sure not to leave any large air bubbles around the flower or leaves. It took a few coats before I had the roses covered. I filed the nails smooth and buffed them.

I made little curly dots on my thumb and ring fingers with white nail polish and then top coated.

These are pretty great. They totally remind me of old resin paperweights..... Is that a good thing for fingernails to remind you of?  Oh well...  I like 'em. Hope you do too.
Now I'll have to try out the molds and see what I can come up with using them!

If you aren't a nail tech, don't despair! You can make the tiny roses and take them to a nail salon and have a pro apply them for you!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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