Friday, November 13, 2015

Snowman Snow Globe Pendant

It’s cuteness overload. Create this mini snowman in a glittery water-world in just a few easy steps. The
package will make tons of these so you might want to have another idea ready for the rest of the clay. How
about some flat ornament shapes cut out with cookie cutters? Visit for more project ideas.

 1 package FIMO air basic, 8100-0 white
Staedtler Lumocolor permanent marker, Black
 White rat tail or any thin smooth white cording
Aquarium sealant
Clear or white glitter
Mini glass bead vials or tiny jars emptied and cleaned
Orange seed beads

Double round nosed jewelry pliers with cutters

basic supplies:
Clear nail polish top coat, Distilled water (or previously boiled and cooled water) white glue

Step 1.  Cut two, 1” pieces of wire. Turn a loop in the middle of one of the wires using the round nosed pliers and twist the ends together. Leave the other wire straight.

Step 2.  Make a ball of Fimo air clay that is large enough to make a base for your jar. Push the mouth of the jar onto the clay ball so that it creates a tight fitting cap for the jar. Make another small ball of clay to fit the top of the jar and smooth it to make it look like snow has fallen onto the jar to cover it. Push the wire loop into the clay

Step 3.  Carefully remove the glass vial from the clay base taking care not to distort the impression. Poke the
straight wire into the middle of the base. Create three graduated balls of Fimo clay that will make your
snowman. Put the pieces of the snowman onto the wire to create holes in the balls for assembly later.
Remember that the snowman will have to fit inside the teeny vial. Set aside the vial and the wire bits. Let the
Fimo pieces air-dry overnight to harden.

Step 4.  Use the aquarium sealant to glue a seed bead nose onto your snowman. Let the glue set up. Coat the snowman and the inside of the base with a coat of clear nail polish top coat and let it dry before applying a second coat. Let the nail polish cure for a few hours. Use the aquarium sealant to glue the wire top loop back into the clay cap and then glue the cap onto the flat bottom of the vial.

Step 5.  Make dots on the snowman for eyes, a mouth and some buttons using your 
STAEDTLER Lumocolor permanent marker.

Step 6.  Put one tsp of glitter into the vial. Add a tsp of glycerin and almost fill the vial with distilled or
previously boiled water. Leave a quarter inch or so of headroom. Completely coat the ridge in the base of the piece made by the glass vial with the aquarium sealant. This will seal the water in and must be a solid barrier with no gaps. Keeping the edges that will be glued dry, push the snowman loaded base into the jar and press to secure. Leave the piece upside down to set the glue.
* If the piece has an air bubble, you can re-open it before the glue sets and add more water. If the piece
overflows because of too much water, re-open the piece drying the parts to be glued and re apply the aquarium sealant.

Step 7.  Take a small worm of Fimo and coil it around where the clay base meets the glass vial. Smooth the new clay into the old clay and let the whole thing dry overnight to harden. Add some white glue to the clay surfaces and dust them with fine clear sparkles. Let them dry. String the pieces onto some white rat tail.


Unknown said...

How cute! Those would be really cool ornaments for a mini Christmas tree too.

Emily C said...

These are very cute. You could easily attach them to presents and use them for ornaments.