Saturday, March 28, 2015

Completed Mars Bust From FIMO Air Basic

I promised to post pictures of the finished bust and here they are. I LOVE FIMO Air Basic. I like that I could wrap the piece and leave it to work on the next day. I liked the way it felt in my fingers.

I got some pretty awesome tips from my friends on the interweb before I started working on this piece. I think the most valuable piece of advice was to use vinegar on the final smooth out on the wet piece. It apparently changes the clay chemically and allows for a virtually crack free dry. I had some superficial cracking and filled those by coating the crack with vinegar and smudging more clay into the crack. I finished by smoothing more vinegar over the area and letting it dry again.

It's been a blast to get my fingers mucky.


The grandmommy said...

These look great! When I think of air dry I think of having to work quickly before it dries yet you said it was still pliable the next day!

Kellie Mowat said...

I wrapped the work in progress with damp paper towels and a layer of cling wrap. Worked a treat! I could work on the piece over the week without having to worry about premature drying.
I just had to unwrap the piece to work on it and re-wrap when dome to continue working the next day.