Tuesday, November 25, 2014

First Baby Dress New Look 6171

Been working on some baby sewing this week. We decided Lily needed a few more dresses so we went looking in our stash for patterns and some fabrics to make a test dress out of. This is the result.

I found this new look pattern in the pattern cupboard and it looked about right. I also found some sheet remnants I used to make this dress for myself a while back.Love the soft pink floral and the wash-ability of this fabric.

I changed the pattern a bit. I made a neck facing.

I added tucks to the top of each sleeve opening. You can see here that the sleeves are a bit big.

I drafted a collar as an afterthought. I just sewed the collar on top of the neckline.

I added some vintage lace. It's handmade and taken from the outside edge of a thrifted doily. The doily was stained and had moth holes so I couldn't salvage much else.

I also decided to use buttons instead of a half zipper and I shortened the skirt length by almost half. Pretty good for a pattern test. I'll have to re-adjust the neck opening, it gapes a bit on Lily. Maybe sewing the collar in correctly will fix the problem. We'll make the real dress, from fabric Maggie designed, next. Can't wait to work on more projects now that I'm beginning to feel stronger. 

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iris-irena said...

wauuuu, what a lovely little baby girl dress!
Like it very much.
best regards from Slvoenia