Wednesday, August 27, 2014

September/October PolymerCafe Cover!

We've been honored with another PolymerCafe cover!
This tutorial was a heap of fun. I included three separate techniques to create a traditional scrimshaw look pendant. You choose the technique that fits with the tools you have in your craft stash.
There are also some other shapes included. I just couldn't stop!

Grab your copy while it's hot by clicking 

I used STAEDTLER Fimo Effect and Soft clays to create the base for these pieces. The exact colours and layering techniques are listed in great detail in this September/October issue of PolymerCafe.

I had a bunch of fun photographing these guys.Thought it might be interesting to some of you to see how many different stagings I used. These are not all of the examples, just my favorite ones.

With a mariners poem.

In a mirror on a beach.
(The "beach" was really a tray of sand and some drift wood in front of a P.E.I. vacation photo on my front porch)

With a poetry book and mirror.

On an old leather trunk.

More driftwood.

I'm so grateful for digital photography and editing programs.I grew up in a world of very expensive film developing. We took very few pictures because each one had to count. I always feel very extravagant when I use my digital camera. I tend to take hundreds of photographs for every project I post. It's amazing to me just how fast technology has advanced. We're amazingly lucky to be around to witness all this amazing change.

Speaking of a heap of photographs......
I'll be back with more France soon!


Chark said...

Congrats! love the look of this!

Kellie Mowat said...

Thanks so much!

It was hard to stop making these!
I wanted to keep trying different shapes and sizes.