Thursday, May 1, 2014

Rainbow Cake Time

It was Maggie's 20th birthday this week and we celebrated in the usual style.

Rainbow Cake!!!
Here's a link to the original process post just in case you need to try this amazing cake.
The colours were amazing this time.

This is the outside of the cake. We try to make the icing as drab and un-colourful as possible. It makes the inside of the cake look even more amazing! We did add some opalescent edible sparkles to the surface of the cake just for some added pizzazz! 

Oh, we used the cooked, no icing sugar icing on this cake too. It's our favorite icing. Not too sweet. 


Unknown said...

Wow amazing colors and I am sure sooooo delicious!

Kellie Mowat said...

Every time we make this it gets a little bit tastier. Sooooo yum. Hope you get to try one too.

Chark said...

Yum! Happy Birthday to your daughter! Mine turns 20 later this year too!