Sunday, April 13, 2014

Cath Kidson Inspired Nail Art

I'm a HUGE fan of Cath Kidson prints. I particularly like their vintage roses. They remind me of old oil cloth fabric. For some strange reason they always make me feel like baking. I'm sure there's a connection. Maybe clean fresh oilcloth covered kitchen tables for rolling pastry? 

These will be fun Easter time nails too. They're a wee bit Easter Egg like.
I coated my ring fingers and my thumbs with a medium blue base and the rest of my nails got a coat of pink. I added blue dots to the pink nails using the tip of a bobby pin. The blue nails got a splotch of dark pink and then I swirled medium and light pink over the dark pink splotches. I added leaves by dipping my bobby pin into two greens at once and dotting beside the rose swirls. I let them dry and then gave them two coats of clear top coat. 


Megan Wallace said...

Just discovered your blog through Sculpt University where your eye tutorial was reposted. I'm totally staying on your blog and browsing it all weekend! It is awesome and you are very talented.

Kellie Mowat said...

Hello there Megan!
Thanks for stopping by and for the very kind words. :)

Rachel said...

Your nails look stunning. I love vintage rose patterns too. I doubt mine would look like that though if I tried to paint nailpolish on my nails with a bobby pin end! :)

Kellie Mowat said...

Thanks Rachel!
It's amazing what you can do with the end of a bobby pin! :D