Saturday, October 12, 2013

Mummy Hand Tutorial

This is a really great way to pre-make some bandage wrapped hands for a costume, so you won't have to take time from your makeup on the event night to wait for the glue to dry....

I used some of our torn cotton sheet sets for this. I cut them into roughly 1 -2 inch strips. I started wrapping at my fingertips and worked my way down each finger. I used Fabri-tak fabric glue from Beacon adhesives because it has an amazingly fast grip.

I kept up this overlapping wrap, gluing each layer to the last as I went. I stopped at the thickest part of my hand just above my wrist, so I could get the thing off after it dried. I left it on my hand for about 20 minutes to make sure it was good and secure before I gently tugged each finger tip and removed the glove. 

I tried not to flatten the glove as I removed it. I didn't want the inside of the fingers to stick together. I let the gloves dry like this. Fair warning: This glue does stick to body hair..... make sure to put on some hand cream well down your arm so that the glue won't pull out all of those whisper thin downy hairs on your peach like arms.

They look like they're real hands just waiting until I stop looking at them to come and get me!!!!

I'll finish the costume and attach the gloves the night I wear the costume with more strips of sheeting and Fabri-tak.....

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