Sunday, August 18, 2013

Wearing History's Vintage Overalls

I received this Wearing History pattern a while ago. I've been hunting for a good retro coverall patterns so I could make some work clothes that would last a bit. The men's work trousers I've been wearing just don't fit in the right spots and I needed some specialized pockets. I saw the Wearing History blog and pre-ordered it as soon as I saw it.

It really is a cute pattern and its pretty straight forward to sew together. There are three size choices per pattern and mine fits nice and roomy. I'll be able to bend and squat and turn at work without worrying about a rip. 

George decided to "help" me cut the pattern out. I had to relocate him three or four times before a friend suggested a well placed shopping bag might lure him to safer quarters.

Here are the finished coveralls. I lined the bodice and pockets with a red gingham. 

I used up some vintage buttons and double stitched all the seams with a stretch stitch. This is a pretty stretchy thick canvas type fabric. It should wear well.

Here's one of the redesigned pockets. This one holds my sticky note a permanent marker and my pen. I also sectioned off one of the hip pockets to hold my box cutter. 

I will be visiting the Wearing History blog on a regular basis.
What a completely fabulous pattern!