Sunday, April 21, 2013

Some Things.

We've suddenly been swamped with spring time home repairs and spruce ups. Improvements are coming along pretty well now. Hope to have things squared away by summer so we can enjoy doing nothing for a bit.

We have had a yard full of these guys. They seem very angry about the snow this weekend. They keep looking in the windows and screaming at us. I'm a little bit worried....

Made some more of our Quinoa salad for energy. Love this stuff. Never get tired of it.
I made this batch with just quinoa, I didn't add any couscous or other grains. I did add some broad beans and basil to the mix.

Hope you're having a great spring weekend too!


CreatedWithFire Studios said...

We live in Texas so house repairs are saved for when it is 90+ outside, but I know what you mean, my walls are half painted, my carpet is torn up, enough to drive ya crazy... good luck and love your blog, I follow is on BlogLovin.


Kellie Mowat said...

Thanks Tina!
Nice to know we're not alone.
It's really not so bad. I enjoy making the space ours. Not sure how things will turn out until they're actually finished. It's exciting!