Sunday, April 7, 2013


What we've been up to.

Maggs had a school project to make a world wonder model. She chose Stonehenge.
The teacher mentioned it would be awesome if they could eat the projects.
Maggs did this.........

And just for a bit of added drama, she threw in a Dr.

It's not the right Dr.....
But he could have gone there too. 


Gavin said...

Maybe not the right Doctor, but the best one :)

from Kellie said...


Swapna Dinesh said...

Hi.. Just found your blog..I love it... and your nails too !

Chark said...

The doctor can do anything. My post has a Dr. Who reference today too!

Chark said...

Also, I would love to taste this Stonehenge! Nice job!

from Kellie said...

So much fun.
That's it.... I'm replacing all our board game figurines with action figures this weekend!

I know what you mean about the sparkles too.
Mr. Jimmy has a bald head and regularly goes to work with the top of his head covered in sparkles.
I have no idea how they get there!

Your card is beautiful.
Wishing your cousin a quick recovery.

Chark said...

thanks for your kind words. I love your blog!