Monday, December 10, 2012

More Shots of the New STAEDTLER Fimo Effect colours

I wanted to be able to show you exactly how cool these new STAEDTLER fimo effect colours are. It's pretty hard to get good shots of they're colour shift capabilities but I think I've come closer with these pictures.

I made some sample chains using my geranium mold. I varnished the back of each cluster to show the glitter and shine inside of each clay bit. The front of each cluster is matte and shows the colour shift without gloss.

So what do you think?
Gorgeous aren't they?
They'll all be available in late 2013.
Some smaller shoppes are featuring the rose quartz and ice blue quartz already.
Hope you're lucky enough to track them down.
You'll be seeing allot more of these soon!

What would you use these delicious new colours for?


Saraccino said...

The colours are beautiful! Don't know what I would make with them... but the strange thing is: They already had a jade variation when I was a kid! I still have little things made with it. It was different from the one you show but it was still beautiful and was a kind of colour the didn't had for years! Just remembering it know... have to look up for the little things I made then to really compare :)

Kellie Mowat said...

Oh Wow!
If you get around to it we'd LOVE to see pics of the colour from your youth. post a link if you get a chance.
It's so interesting to watch colour trends change over the years. It would be awesome to see the old and new colours together.
It's also pretty awesome to hear from a life long Fimo user.

Thanks for writing.