Wednesday, November 28, 2012

STAEDTLER Fimo Effect New Colour Sneak Peak

I've been a lucky girl!
I've been sent some of the new colours from
STAEDTLER's fimo effect line to preview. They won't be available until late 2013 but I just had to share them. I'm in love with these yummy new pastels with a translucent base and a metallic shimmer.

I took these pics in the evening with very little light. I might have rushed things a bit but I was eager to show these new colours off! I'll take more shots soon and share them as I get them.

I've glossed over the beaks of each owl so you can see how the clays react to glossy coatings and matte finishes alike.

has a beautiful iridescent colour shift floating in an almost periwinkle coloured clay.

is really a believable chilly icy colour when cured.
It's hard to believe something that starts out almost chalky will cure to such a gorgeous translucent shimmer.
I've tested this colour before HERE.

is a fresh clear sunshine yellow with a pearl colour shift.

wow! This is probably my very favorite.
This colour cures into a stunningly beautiful translucent mid green with a gold colour shift.
I'll be using this one heaps.

is so very delicate looking. 
The translucent pink base reminds me of flower petals that let the light filter through them. 
This clay has a pearl shimmer throughout.

is delicious. 
It's a deep red translucent clay with an iridescent shimmer peeking through it.

is a showstopper.
When cured it turns a deep blue black and somehow lets the glitter and shimmer of thousands of stars gleam through.

I'll be doing more colour test shots over the next few weeks to show the depth of colour these new clays have. Stay tuned for more details and more pictures.
Now I just need some sun!

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TrĂªs da Matina said...

Wow, love the new colours, thanks for the preview