Friday, May 4, 2012

Sparklie Blue Stud Earrings Made With Acrylic Nail Products

These are inexpensive accessories you can offer your nail clients to match their nail art. These ones look like little teeny earths. They're a bit of an up sell, but I think your clients will love the option to have jewelry to match their nail art. These are speedy quick to make and use almost no product. The STAEDTLER silver and gold powders are an awesome addition to any nail artist's stash.

I mixed 1 part STAEDTLER Fimo silver powder to four parts EZ FLOW clear acrylic powder to use as a faux metal base for my earrings.

I dipped my brush (#3 round sable) into my monomer and then picked up some of my silver powder mix. I built a 3/4 cm round base for each earring. I made six in total for three sets.

Follow THIS LINK to go to a full tutorial on how I add colour to my acrylic nail powders using STAEDTLER Karat soft chalk pastels. Below are the blue mixes I made with the chalks, but there are so many more colours to choose from.

  I used the first colour blue above and added several fine blue and rainbow sparkles.

I dipped into the monomer again and this time picked up a ball of my blue sparkle mix. I added a ball of this blue mix onto the center of each of the silver discs and let them self level into dome shapes.

I added a ball of clear acrylic liquid and powder to encapsulate each earring mound. Let them cure for a few minutes before proceeding to clear coating. If you clear coat too soon it will become cloudy.

Give each lump a good layer of some kind of clear coat. I just happened to have a nail polish clear coat on my table so I used it. Let them dry completely before you handle them again.

Use some jewelry adhesive (I used E6000) to glue those earring backs onto the back of each sparklie blob of nail goodness.

Sand the edges of each earring on a medium grit nail file (or some sandpaper....... whatever's handier)

You see what I did there? I poked those earrings right into my STAEDTLER plastic eraser so they wouldn't roll around on me while I was clear coating them......

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CanadianScraps43 said...

Wow Kellie I would have never in a million years come up with anything like this. I love how you know just what to use and what makes things like earrings work and sell. Great use of the eraser as well. Lol. Love this tutorial. Hugs. Thanks for your kind remarks in our forum and at my blog. It really made my day and you can gush I don't mind. I really have never had anyone act that way before over my work and it makes me blush really. Your a sweetie and I appreciate your kind words. Hugs.