Monday, January 30, 2012

STAEDTLER Fimo Giveaway Posting Closed.... Winners Announced Sunday February 5th 2010!

It's time for a Valentines Day Giveaway!

The amazingly generous folks at STAEDTLER have been good enough to supply their design team members with mini product kits for not just one Valentines Giveaway..... BUT THREE!!!!!

For your chance to win one of these three STAEDTLER Fimo kits featuring Fimo polymer clay and a cutter, Fimo air basic, Fimo microwave, and Fimo air basic natural, follow these simple steps.

The winners will be drawn on 
Sunday February 5th 2012, 
and announced in the evening.

Good luck and watch the STAEDTLER Design Teams blogs for some cool Valentines tutorials. The link is in my sidebar to each of the team members blogs.


NatalieN said...

I would use it to make really pretty embellishments for my make-up mirror. I broke my hand held mirror and the glass popped out of it. Now, I just have to hold the glass (it didn't break), and I'm too cheap or too forgetful to buy myself a new one. I would love to 'retrofit' the one I still have and make it pretty and useful, too! :D

Unknown said...

I would try to make something cool AND utilitarian, but it would pale in comparison to Kellie's masterpieces :(

jim pop said...

SO eXCITED! i just started looking into making jewelry! I LOVED the red, rose earrings you made, and I would use these to create my own custom fashion statements!!!

BlueRockGourds said...

I use my fimo on gourds. It is a great beautiful accent! Thank you!! Wendy

Dee said...

I would love to try aqnd make a doll from this as I am a beginning sculptor. I love the things you make and love to make roses also!

Debbie said...

I would use it to make embellishments for my rug hooking projects.

Anna Ch said...

Most interesting for me is FIMO air ;) I've just found tutorial how to make fake whipped cream with air dry clay and I'd love to try it (instead of silicone) for my sweet polymer clay cupcakes :)
Red polymer clay would be great for valentine-themed things. I haven't done anthing associated with valentines before so it will be good oppourtunity to try! :)