Saturday, November 12, 2011

Huevos del Estilo del Rancho... or a Healthy Breakfast of Ranch Style Eggs.

Sometimes there are perks to having a house full of giggling teenagers for supper.
I call dibs on Mexican leftovers for breakfast!!!!

I splashed about a cup of salsa into a frying pan and heated it to a simmer. Plunked in two eggs right on top there and covered it until the eggs were soft poached.

One of the kids was a vegan so I picked up some "not cheese". It's pretty delicious for not being real cheese so I threw it right on in there over top of the eggs and salsa and covered it again for a couple seconds to melt a bit.

I dumped the whole thing onto a multi grain tortilla chip covered plate and scooped some homemade guacamole on there too. I think it's a pretty healthy weight conscious breakfast. It sure was delicious.... now for a mid morning nap!

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April D said...

Oh My goodness this looks awesome!!!