Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Bacon Marmalade

Presidents choice brand has just come out with it's fall/winter Insiders program and I was all over checking out the new products. The first on my must try list was the bacon marmalade.
Sounds odd? But remember.... everything tastes better with bacon!

We're still making our whole wheat bread every couple of days and adding sunflower seeds and ground up pumpkin seeds to the flax and bran and wheat germ. I made a couple loaves yesterday to go with the homemade beef stew made from the Sunday roast leftovers. I spread the still warm from the oven bread with the bacon marmalade and dipped it into the stew..........

It was DELICIOUS!!!!!

You can taste the bacon right away and then there is the roasty onions, they make it almost sweet. There is also citrus but it's kind of in the background flavor wise. It has a marmalade texture. I'm thinking of melting it down and using it as a glaze on meaty tarts or roasts.

My new favorite condiment can be used on pretty much everything meaty. Definitely burgers and hot-dogs, but I'm thinking sandwiches will taste better with some of this smeared inside. Crackers and cheese........ added to macaroni casserole......

Where are you guys going to use it?

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