Thursday, September 1, 2011

Making Faces

Here are some of the face molds I've produced over the years. I think it's time to update the collection and make them available to everyone. In the past I've only given my students the opportunity to purchase them.

These are the products of five or six different face molds. Most of these pieces were included in classes and given to the students so they could practice painting detail.

This is the first mold I ever made of one of my dolls. I have a few of these ones left in a bin in the studio.

This is the original doll without her wig.

Here is another mold I pulled from an early doll. I like this one because you can see the teeth. These simple little molds hold a surprising amount of detail.

I'm thinking of putting these on ETSY. Any thoughts?


Gina Growe said...

Hi Kellie! Congrats on making the front cover with the Gorgeous Ghouslih Gal - is her name Gina? That's what I'm calling her anyway. So, I'm one of your many new peeps or minions and I would like to ask a couple of questions that the other shy (or fearful, as well as a good minion should be) peeps would certainly like to also know - here goes:

First, is this ghouslish girlfriend from the first mold that you made? I, for one, would buy your molds. Kellie, all good minions support/buy from their "maker" weather it be an artist/author etc...

Second, I hadn't looked at a Polymer Cafe in several years let alone picked one up until I saw this beghoulish darling starring at me as I walked by...just daring me not to stop and pick up the magazine! It was as if she were saying "Listen up you Tart, don't even think about walking by me without picking me up and taking me to the counter - I'm all that and more." So, not only do I get a great, indepth article for once, but the a creator blog as well! For that I thank you with all my heart...well, okay, with part of my heart, I do tend to go overboard if you haven't noticed.
Gina Growe in Springfield, IL a new Peep!

Kellie Mowat said...

Her name is Gina now! :D

Can't tell you how great it was to read your encouraging words. Made my day! I'm never sure if folks will see the things I make the same way I do, and it always feels good to hear when things click.

I didn't make any molds of Gina Ghoul, but am working on a new series of molds for polymer clay to come out late winter/early spring. The molds shown here are fashion doll size, Gina Ghoul is quite a bit larger.

I really think this issue of Polymercafe is genius! There are soooooo many cool and new ideas. I want to make them all!!!! Did you see the fabulous hanging vampire on page 48 by Pat Benedict.

Thanks for peeping and not being shy! Looking forward to seeing what folks make with these instructions. It's going to be a great Halloween this year.... I can tell!