Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It's Curtains For Me.

Dear Mr. Curtains...... I need you to stop being so adorable so I can stop looking at you and go to sleep.

I worked my patootie off tonight and made two full sets of cafe curtains and one top flounce for the kitchen windows. They are DONE!!!! I just need the hardware to hang them.

Here is a bit of a detail shot. I couldn't get anymore of the eyeball looking turquoise and lime print so I just made a whole bunch of bias tape out of the half yard I did have. I have Loads of trim left over too for...... um.... tea towels? I added some rick rack trim in red to jazz things up and keep the colours matchy.

I'll take better shots as the kitchen progresses. I really do love these little curtains. I finished these three window covering sets in like four or five hours start to finish. Tomorrow I'll find all the mistakes I made because I rushed through the sewing but for tonight...... I'm proud!

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